Investor Relations
We will ensure your day-to-day communications are effective to receive a fair valuation, reduce the cost of capital and manage expectations of the investment community.
Financial Communications
We will enhance your communication efforts to ensure they build investor confidence and develop trust.
Media Relations
No one knows the needs of the media sector better than a former journalist. Leave it to us to promote your company nationally and globally.
Digital Communications
Social media offers companies an incredible opportunity to directly engage their audiences and build personal relationships with them. It gives companies the ability to voice what is important to them and bypass journalists and editors, who would otherwise filter out the information and choose whatever fits their own agenda.
Corporate Communications
We will help in developing and executing a corporate communications strategy that enhances the image of the firm and builds a strong reputation with its key audiences.
IR & PR for Startups
Just like you, we are excited about exploring new opportunities. That is why we like to keep a flexible approach and can offer everything from helping to prepare the first press release to running an entire PR-campaign or capital-raising and interacting with investors.
Crisis Communications
When a crisis happens all eyes are on the company scrutinizing its every action and word. This is when a clear communications strategy that demonstrates confidence and control of the situation is of utmost importance.
Pro Bono
We are very grateful for what we have and would like to use our experience to give back to the community, help others and make a positive impact.